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What have you done to your bike today?

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by barry.t100sr, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Edders

    Edders Well-Known Member

    Took a couple of pillions out and I know someone is going to say its dangerous, they should have been wearing helmets

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  2. Living skin ( like mine ) is water proof. Dead sheep not so:cool:

    Back on thread for a second, chased big 101 to Corby Glen. Flippin brilliant road in places but Mr big knows it too well me thinks:)
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  3. SteveT

    SteveT Retired Hooker

    Replaced my O/S headlight bulb. What a pain in the arse:mad: I've got small hands too! Am now short of a fairing fastener somewhere in the nether regions of the fairing/pan.
  4. barbieboy

    barbieboy Fragmen Alienus Via Lex

    Delores has never complained !
  5. Robby Boy

    Robby Boy Member

    Bought myself another 2008 ST, dropped my last one on mud on the road and been struggling to find a decent one local, took a 300 mile trip to see one today and getting it next week end, ok I've missed this summer now but roll on the springtime.
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  6. Was gonna wash the boatrace muck off but didn't bother in the end, maybe next weekend....
  7. Edders

    Edders Well-Known Member

    Nothing, but walked past it to stuff my overtroos back into the repatriated mesh storage bag, thank you Scrumpy and I owe you a pint (next time you are in the Tavern :rolleyes:)
  8. Robby Boy

    Robby Boy Member

    Collected the new ST today, 2008 with 21000miles, loads of extras fitted, will need a good clean over the winter, hopefully get it booked for its MOT next weekend cleaned up rear caliper and fitted new pads this afternoon so think it should be good to go.
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  9. Mad_Dog

    Mad_Dog Well-Known Member

    A picture would be nice ;)
  10. About 200 miles:) met up with a mate, chased him around parts of Northamptonshire stopping at Jack's Hill for refreshments then MK and Beds and home.
    Still not washed the boatrace muck off yet, almost did yesterday. Glad I didn't though 'cos it looks worse now:mad:
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  11. Edders

    Edders Well-Known Member

    Went out for a quick thrash, noticed it was distinctly cooler in the late afternoon. Also puckered the seat a little with farmers having moved half their field onto the tarmac and just around a blind bend :eek:
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  12. Titter

    Titter Active Member

    Nothing worse than farmers on a puckered seat mate!

  13. SmudgerSmith22

    SmudgerSmith22 Well-Known Member

    LOL. :D
  14. SteveT

    SteveT Retired Hooker

    Them pills you gave me, Doc.

    For all the good they did I might as well have shoved them up my arse!
  15. Dusty ST

    Dusty ST Member

    Took the RH fairing off so I can replace the chrome trim strip broken when I dropped it last week.
    I'm thinking I'll use short lengths of M3 nylon studding to fix the trim rather than st/steel as if I drop it again :( st/steel studs are liable to either break the trim, or rip big holes out of the fairing.
    Still can't believe how little damage there is for a low speed drop, I was expecting all sorts of bits of broken plastic to drop out when I took the fairing off, but there's nothing except a light scratch in the lacquer coat, probably caused by the detached trim strip.
  16. Robby Boy

    Robby Boy Member

    I would post a picture if I knew how to.
  17. Mad_Dog

    Mad_Dog Well-Known Member

    As long as it's a small picture you can use the Upload a file button (lower right) or else just post a link from any of the popular file sites eg Dropbox ;)
  18. Just washed it:eek: all traces of BR removed. Connected an airbrush to my new compressor and sprayed it with act 50, having blow dried it first:) then replaced a blown indicator bulb.
    Hopefully I will have a local ride tomorrow.
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  19. Barnesyboy

    Barnesyboy Active Member

    Put some rather natty BMW HP leavers on.
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  20. Robby Boy

    Robby Boy Member

    BIKE (2).jpg Just for you Mad Dog, a picture tells a thousand tales.
    Life's good in monochrome.
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