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Well that didn't last long


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I had a 94 Sprint 900 which I really liked, it was in great condition and was good to ride, only problem was I was beginning to find it a little top heavy, especially at low speed and my advancing age.

Well in July I p/ex in for a Bonnie, well don't tell anybody but I find the Bonnie boring. It is the easiest bike to ride that I have ever ridden, but zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Anyway, the Mrs says I am getting bored and I must get another project (And I always obey the Mrs), so I now have a 2001 RS Sprint 955i. It was prepared for track days, but apparently never used, and my intention is to go through it and make it as tip top as I can for the road. Just nice to have a Sprint back.


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I view the RS 955 as under rated, more sporty handling wise than the ST 955 as well. Nice Bike. Be careful with the plastic tank, if you remove it you might not get it to fit back. Also suffers from the rotting/splitting hoses on the idle side, causing hunting and idling problems. Easily fixed. I had a loaner Bonneville when my ST1050 was in for a repair. It had no balls and was very bouncy two up. I really didn't rate it.
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I didn't know about the plastic tank issue until after I bought it and started reading up, but the delivery man has just this minute turned up with my latest eBay bargain. I got a slightly scratched tank (red not yellow though) for £25 delivered. My understanding is that the issue is the ethanol in the petrol. I plan to fill the scratches, respray it and then use one of the internal sealant coatings on it. Apparently they go back into shape and size after being left empty, so If it works o.k. then I should have a replacement to bolt on if required.