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Tip for the day....

Brake pad retaining pins;

If you've been riding through the winter it will be a good idea to remove the pins and grease them before they seize up.

I was disappointed to find that the pins on "New Tiger" had been assembled dry, and are showing corrosion already.

I've put them back in with a coating of copper grease.


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I hose my brakes down as soon as I get home at this time of year.

Gets the salt & crap out straight away.

Its also followed up by a thorough wash over the weekend.

Only takes five minutes & I've learnt the hard way the hard way about neglecting a bit of profilactic maintenance.:eek:

Not good about ungreased pins though, Barry. Poor:(
If your chain oiler is no good.....

.... and you are pushed for time,

don't spray on the claggy stuff. Follow Spigots advice and give it a quick wipe down with 3-in-one, then;

centre stand, engine running, 1st gear, tooth brush, blue stuff, top bottom and both sides. Job done before your lovely wife has time to whinge about the noise.

p.s. When you pull him off the centre stand, with the side stand down,.... make sure that your foot is not under the side stand :(

pps tooth brush is essential, don't put your fingers anywhere near the moving bits.

night, night.
I tittered to myself Barry at your centrestand comment. I have twice now taken my XJR off it's centrestand and managed to have my trainer clad foot placed precisely where the still down side stand is aimed. Ouchy.

You would think I would have learned after the first time. :goofy:
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When you adjust your gear linkage, take the whole unit off & make sure the lock nuts are tight & then replace. This prevents the linkage slowly unscrewing itself to the point it disengages beside a busy dual carriageway in the dark & in the rain.:oops:
Now then,
Todays tip is just a reminder of a previous tip.
In advance of BRXIII,.... some may need guidance ;)

Don't clean your drive chain with WD or brake cleaner, or petrol,.....(diesel fuel ok only in an emergency)
Just use 3-in-one oil (The "Old" ones are the best!)
Wipe it down, top bottom and both sides, and then apply "The Blue stuff" or your preferred lubricating oil with a tooth brush.

Then,... start him up on the centre stand, ( with panniers off !) select first gear,
slowly release the clutch, .... as the wheel rotates,..... so does the sprocket , ...... just gently press an oily rag against the outside of the chain until you have a nice clean shine :).


TBC tomorrow.
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I know, we all do it every morning ;). *

Today, off I went on the Sprint and thought I was overrunning on every corner ?
I thought I was just having a bad day on wet shiny tarmac ?

Then, same thing on the way home ! really horrible.

Got home and checked tyre pressures,..... front was down to 1.5 bar !

It spoiled my day, so in future, I'll check every morning ...... oh yes I will :).
Todays tip;
The gritters are out up here , so remember to clean and lube your side stand switch and clutch switch regularly.
Otherwise, one day, you will press the starter button and f-all will happen :(.
Good advice Barry. Or, alternatively, leave it in the garage for the winter and use the car. You know it makes sense.;)

p.s. No gritters spotted on the West coast, a benefit of the Gulf Stream.