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The Triple Tavern

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by barbieboy, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. Mad_Dog

    Mad_Dog Well-Known Member

    One more sleep before setting out on Normandy trip. Pity there won't be more Taverners out there.

    Look after the Old Dog for me while I'm gone. I'd best get some logs in for the fire before I go ... you lot would probably let the fire go out otherwise ;)

    There's an open bottle of Aberlour if anyone fancies a little maltie :) Cheers!
  2. SteveT

    SteveT Retired Hooker

    Thank you kindly, Sir.
  3. barbieboy

    barbieboy Fragmen Alienus Via Lex

    It's gonna be quiet here (well quieter).
    Barbietours XIII sets off bright and early Saturday.
    Don't let us leave Europe before we get home.
    Follow Ironic John and myself on
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  4. Woz955

    Woz955 Member

    Have a great trip Barbie!!
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  5. barbieboy

    barbieboy Fragmen Alienus Via Lex

  6. SteveT

    SteveT Retired Hooker

    Mini Haha
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  7. barbieboy

    barbieboy Fragmen Alienus Via Lex

    Internet difficulties I board mean a delayed post to the blog.
    On mature (?) reflection, perhaps a trip across Dartmoor and Exmoor on a Sunday afternoon on the way to the ferry was NOT the best decision ever made. There are some roads that camper vans should not be allowed on (or even fit).
    Despite that we made good time and arrived with 20 minutes to spare.
    I thought the ferry may be quiet at this time of year but I don't think I have ever seen so many bikes.
    Next stop Spain
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  8. barbieboy

    barbieboy Fragmen Alienus Via Lex

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