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Seat Mod

Discussion in 'Bike Upgrades' started by Titter, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Titter

    Titter Active Member

    The seat on the Crossrunner was giving me arse ache so after reading decent reviews I went to this place http://www.sussexmotorcycles.com/elite-comfort-motorcycle-seats.html to get it sorted out.
    On arrival I felt less than confident, especially when he told me the price was £30 dearer than on the internet which he tried to explain by telling me the web site hadn't been updated for years. Anyway after a bit of negotiating he agreed to do it at the advertised price.

    The place was like a scene out of Mad Max but with bikes instead of trucks, it was like Mad Max meets Lovejoy. Anyway, I got it done and its done the trick, no numb bum for me anymore

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  2. njr58

    njr58 Well-Known Member

    Where's the picture of the seat or what did he do to it?
  3. Titter

    Titter Active Member

    You can see it next week, if you're really really good I might even let you sit on it
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  4. SmudgerSmith22

    SmudgerSmith22 Well-Known Member

    He'd have done it in half the time if you hadn't sat in that seat talking to him all the time and maybe even given you a discount for shutting up!! :rolleyes: ;) :D
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  5. Titter

    Titter Active Member

    Harsh but fair! The woman in the background appeared to be trying to re wire and old Virago which was lay on its side without any wheels, no petrol tank and no handle bars, with a soldering iron and a pair of scissors. She reckoned soon have it started! :D
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  6. SmudgerSmith22

    SmudgerSmith22 Well-Known Member

    LOL. You could take small groups there on tours and make a few bob, it looks fascinating! :D
  7. Dusty ST

    Dusty ST Member

    Had my seat done at the same place, while I was there a customer was replacing stripped balance shaft drive gears on an Aprilia (I think) 2 stroke taking step by step instructions from the chap working on my seat. I wished I'd taken a couple of pics as it was quite unbelievable.
    The 'workshop' looks to be a grain silo with a door cut in the side, you could only just about get in the door as it was full of old bikes and bits of bike - hence the working outside.
    I was very pleased with the results, which was to replace the very thin gel layer with memory foam, and transformed the comfort!
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  8. Titter

    Titter Active Member

    I'm very pleased with it, the only criticism I've got is that the seats a bugger now get on and off

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