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Richa drive trousers

I've got the Richa monsoon trousers and they have been fantastic. Water and wind proof, they can be a little warm in this weather even after removing the quilted liner. All I would say is go for as size larger than you would do normally.
I've had my Richa leather jeans for over 10 years. Give them a clean and proofing at the beginning of the biking season and they are only now starting to show a little sign of wear.
And £119 is a bargain!


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Just got some Draggin' jeans. Was v. Impressed with how my mate's jeans held up when he came a cropper the other week. Got them from Get Geared in Leeds. Advertised at ?150 but marked on the shelf at ?130, which is what I paid for them. :)


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Ive got similar , Doug , Rayven ones , about the same price . Soft leather. Theyre great and I even put em on for a local blip which I would have used my Kevlars for previously.
I asked the establishment proprietor what the difference was with stiff and soft leather , he said they split the cowhide down the middle , the outer section is yer stiff stuff .Ovbiously , the stiffer stuff will give you more chance against gravel .
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