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Old Trophy;

Discussion in 'Bike Upgrades' started by barry.t100sr, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. barry.t100sr

    barry.t100sr Two-tents !

    Some may remember that one of the silencers dropped off "Old Trophy" recently.
    Triumph are asking over £350 for a replacement !

    I have experimented with a Norton Commando "peashooter" ...... about half the weight and not many baffles . Less than £70. :).


    It sounds lovely, so I have ordered another one and will get a good friend to make some hanger brackets.


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    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017
  2. Looks good though I'm sure my commando had stainless steel pipes. Any pictures of it fitted?
  3. barry.t100sr

    barry.t100sr Two-tents !

    Yes I remember some with S/S exhausts Dunc. I will post a photo' soon.
  4. barry.t100sr

    barry.t100sr Two-tents !

    Here you go;
    The temporary plastic hanger bracket will be replaced with a beautifully crafted piece of polished Dural :).

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  5. Edders

    Edders Well-Known Member

    Not even going to say it Barry :p
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  6. barry.t100sr

    barry.t100sr Two-tents !

    :D What ??.... Ok,ok, I know it's not to everyones taste but it makes me happy and does no harm.

    Just you wait 'till you hear the sound they make young Edders-me-lad :p.
  7. Edders

    Edders Well-Known Member

    I think they look nice and with less baffles should sound good too although you may want to check the fuelling to see if it has been affected by the change.

    My comment was more related to the material for the hangers, MDF+Aluminium Paint does not equal Dural ;)
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  8. barry.t100sr

    barry.t100sr Two-tents !

    :D, The hangers will be made of some sort of metal stuff secured by Velcro reinforced with big fat cable ties,.... no MDF at all, at all, OK!
    With regard to the fuelling, "Old Trophy" was built in 1991, he has carburettors not fuel injection, and with a Tesco dish-cloth as an air filter I'm not too worried about the fuel/air ratio. If he starts coughin' an' splutterin' I'll just fit a clean dish-cloth, or maybe just take off the airbox altogether and enjoy the induction noise as well :).

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  9. njr58

    njr58 Well-Known Member

    Barry when you say metal stuff I have visions of you cutting up an old foil pie tray:p
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  10. I expect Mrs Barry will be keeping a close watch on the knife draw.
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  11. barry.t100sr

    barry.t100sr Two-tents !

    Up-date; Brian made some nice hanger brackets out of 4mm Duralumin.
    I fitted them on Sunday and went out for a short test run. The sound is lovely,... loud and deep.
    The "Quadrupple ripple, burble and bang" (*) on the overrun is addictive,... but sadly the decibel level is way too loud even for a "relaxed" MOT tester.
    So, I will now order some removable baffles and wadding for the test.

    * Inspired by Mark 321go.
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  12. Will you be riding old trophy on the boatrace? I need to know if I should bring my ear plugs or not.
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  13. barry.t100sr

    barry.t100sr Two-tents !

    Baffles and wadding installed two weeks ago; resulting in slightly less bark when opening up, and slightly less pop'n'bang when shutting off :). just nice !

    Now then, that's the engine bit sorted so phase II is to up-grade the brakes;

    New rear disk, pads and seals all round, and two bottles of DOT 4 , all sitting in the garage ,....... then the rear master cylinder decides he's had enough , after only 26 years :(.

    Triumph are asking £231 for a new one !

    I think no.

    I'll fix it !

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  14. barry.t100sr

    barry.t100sr Two-tents !

    Up-date 14.10.17;
    My mam said;
    "If at first you don't succeed,
    just keep fucking trying 'till you do".

    ...... well, she said words to that effect!

    I've had the master cylinder apart twice, and the hose fitted the wrong way round once, brake fluid all over the garage floor and the kitchen table! Dor is not impressed :(.
    Anyway, I think I've sorted it.

    p.s. the new disk is a thing of beauty!
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  15. barry.t100sr

    barry.t100sr Two-tents !

    Latest news;

    Brakes are fixed,
    side stand switch is fixed,
    tyres are pumped up :oops:,

    sounds lovely :),

    Road test tomorrow.
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