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I Love My Trumpet

Discussion in 'Owners and their bikes' started by Mars539, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Mars539

    Mars539 New Member

    Part exed my CB600F Hornet around 3 months ago for an 09 Sprint ST 1050. Absolutely love the bike. Just so accomplished at everything and still fun to throw around. Not done any full touring yet but after a few long days and a couple of overnighters I just know she'll do anything I want. She has a few extras; carbon hugger, oiler, dark screen, Two Brothers can, etc.
    Have registered here for tips, tricks and chat with bike minded souls.
  2. njr58

    njr58 Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome, plenty of information and tips on here the search button will be your friend or just ask.
  3. Mad_Dog

    Mad_Dog Well-Known Member

    Do you like lager? :eek:

    Only joking!

    Greetings and welcome :):D
  4. Edders

    Edders Well-Known Member

    Glad you have found the trumpet and many happy miles together, the Wild Atlantic Way would be a good touring test :D

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  5. Mars539

    Mars539 New Member

    Yep. Like beer/ lager.

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  6. Barnesyboy

    Barnesyboy Active Member

    Is that your brother Edders?;)
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