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Early Christmas pressie for 1050 Sprint owners!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Workshop Manuals Download' started by Soup Dragon, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. Soup Dragon

    Soup Dragon Kebab Connoisseur

  2. KH_Durham

    KH_Durham New Member

    Thank you Santa :beer:
  3. whatty

    whatty Active Member

    Well good to know Santa rides a Triumph :swivel:

    Cheers Soupy :beer:
  4. samcopland

    samcopland New Member

    See I told you there was a Santa Claus......... ;)

    Age 44

    Many thanks and have a good one.
  5. count von count

    count von count * Reg. No. FOR SALE!!!

    Cheers for that. Very handy!
  6. tubby885

    tubby885 New Member

    Just downloaded the manual.
    Thanks for the info.:)
  7. hendost

    hendost New Member

    hee hee so did i and printed the whole lot off :bow:

    not at home did it at my work on nightshift when nobody about :lol: 497 pages
  8. barbieboy

    barbieboy Fragmen Alienus Via Lex

    As an employer I cannot possible condone this use of company time and resources:rant:. I had better get back to work now :swivel:
  9. nsw9154

    nsw9154 New Member

    :smokin::smokin::yo: i am glad that my printer lets me do Double sided print outs :lick::) Thanks mate
  10. GeoffTitto

    GeoffTitto New Member


    Just got my first Sprint GT coz the initial matched my name :).

    Thanks for the manual link.

  11. exportmanuk

    exportmanuk Member

  12. Big101

    Big101 The cake is a lie

    Those links are 8 years old, the website is now on bikersoracle.com not bikersoracle.info, and Soupdragon is no longer a member of this forum. Not surprised they're dead...!

    I think I have the manuals stashed away somewhere, give me a few days to have a look and to find a hoster and I'll post some links...
  13. exportmanuk

    exportmanuk Member


    had not checked the dates :eek:

    Would be great if you could at the moment I'm just adding bits but pulling things apart to fit things is a little trial and error
  14. Big101

    Big101 The cake is a lie

  15. exportmanuk

    exportmanuk Member

    Hi Great thanks

    Some bedtime reading :)


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