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Does anybody know what a dlna droidbox does on a bike ?

Discussion in 'Help Me ? Non bike' started by Wags, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Wags

    Wags Active Member

  2. Eyore

    Eyore New Member

    Trumps knows these kind of things, he might be able to help. Maybe its a kind of glove box except rather than gloves its for keeping your droids in.:confused:
  3. Edders

    Edders Well-Known Member

    If you have problems with your box I have some cream that is clinically proven:D
  4. Eyore

    Eyore New Member

    Well if it works for you that's a good enough recommendation, one assumes you are pretty adroit and the application..:eek::p
  5. Edders

    Edders Well-Known Member

    You have to be, those droids can be damn painful:D
  6. Eyore

    Eyore New Member

    Not only that, they seem to be contagious. :(
  7. Goose_uk

    Goose_uk New Member

    why would you want a media player unit on a bike ?
  8. barbieboy

    barbieboy Fragmen Alienus Via Lex

    To play your Media..... D'uh ! :p
    personally I use my phone and bluetooth
  9. Mad_Dog

    Mad_Dog Well-Known Member

    These are not the droids we're looking for.
  10. KeifTurn

    KeifTurn New Member

    Hahaha! I just came across this thread and I must say, out of all the answers, this is the best one. :D
    Mad_Dog likes this.

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