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Dartford Crossing

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Sprinty Nige, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. Sprinty Nige

    Sprinty Nige Safe speed guys n gals :)

    You have probably seen in the news that they are taking away the barriers from the M25 crossing this weekend. The booths are still there until they get around to demolishing them.

    i thought one or two people may be wondering about what to do if you are planning on using it on your bike. Well the good news is that bikes are free :D

    I quote from the Govt. site "You don?t have to pay if you cross with a moped, motorcycle, motor tricycle or quad bike."



  2. johnnyst

    johnnyst Member

    Great, but I sometimes go by car...what a faff
  3. Big101

    Big101 The cake is a lie

    The Dartford Crossing has been free for bikes for ages... :)
  4. Navy Boy

    Navy Boy New Member

    True - But it's good to see that the upgrade isn't being used as an excuse to start charging us. ;)
  5. johnnyst

    johnnyst Member

    ...still had to stop and waith though...and que
  6. Dusty ST

    Dusty ST Member

  7. PhilBuck

    PhilBuck Active Member

    I did it recently. Just ride under northbound, or over southbound. Don't do anything if you're on a motorcycle. ANPR cameras will record other vehicles and you then pay online. If you try to pay after having crossed with a bike, it informs you about it being a bike and there being no charge.
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  8. Dusty ST

    Dusty ST Member

    Thanks Phil :)
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