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Brakes - lever too slack?

Discussion in 'Sponsor submitted service guides' started by Soup Dragon, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. PhilMcGlass

    PhilMcGlass New Member

    Useful advice. Thanks

    Just spent a couple of hours at this. Unfortunately the hex socket one of the retaining pins (2001 ST 955) has rounded off. I was still able to push the pads back so the pistons were retracted.

    Any tips on removing the knackered pin without drilling? Or is that the only option now? New pin is ordered from World of Triumph (AKA Lings).
  2. Big101

    Big101 The cake is a lie

    Can you get pliers onto section of pin that goes through the pads? You might be able to wind it out that way.

    If you do need to drill it out, you've already got a decent pilot hole to start off with, just don't go too big, and pick up a tap to clean the thread afterwards.
  3. PhilMcGlass

    PhilMcGlass New Member

    Remembered about the screw extractors I have in the toolbox and never used. Will be worth a try once I get a tap wrench. Should work OK as only 20Nm torque.
  4. PhilMcGlass

    PhilMcGlass New Member

    That worked a treat. Pin replaced with a shiny new one. Took the opportunity of replacing the perished battery strap.

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