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Auto66; Cadwell park; 5/6th August2017;

Discussion in 'Motorsport (WARNING! - May contain results)' started by barry.t100sr, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. barry.t100sr

    barry.t100sr Two-tents !

  2. barry.t100sr

    barry.t100sr Two-tents !

    This event is still on, if any of you are anywhere nearby you will be welcome to join us. Free refreshments! :).
    Arrival; late afternoon Friday 4th. Departure; after the last race on Sunday 6th pm.

    We will have one free paddock pass. If you want it give me a call or reply to this.
    Camping is free for pass holders.

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  3. Mad_Dog

    Mad_Dog Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the kind offer Barry, would have loved to have been there but other commitments in the way this time :(
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  4. Big101

    Big101 The cake is a lie

    Aye up Barry, I at a wedding about a mile from Cadwell today. I'll listen out for you :)
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  5. Big101

    Big101 The cake is a lie

    We heard you... :)
  6. barry.t100sr

    barry.t100sr Two-tents !

    :) It was the Supercarts making all the racket !
    We had a good weekend, the big Honda performed well, and Ian finished every race with lap times around 1:53 ( av. speed; 69mph).
    Pretty good for a 67 year old Geordie :).
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  7. Big101

    Big101 The cake is a lie

    Glad you had a good time. Did you catch a shower? There were a few in the area but we stayed dry. It turned into a smashing afternoon :)

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