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Air Filter

Discussion in 'Technical Q & A for your bike' started by Mars539, Nov 12, 2017 at 10:11 PM.

  1. Mars539

    Mars539 New Member

    Hi All
    Thinking of putting on an after market air filter. Either Piper Cross or K&N. Are there any real benefits and has anyone got either? Is it just a straight swap. I have a 2009 Sprint ST1050. Cheers. Ride safe.
  2. Mad_Dog

    Mad_Dog Well-Known Member

    I've never bothered, but I believe the K&N ones are easier to clean. Mine is a 2009 too :)
  3. Siddo

    Siddo New Member

    I never bothered and take out the flash guard on the OE ones for better airflow.
    Do not use a K&N oil filter. You put your life in danger if you do. They are prone to failure at the weld.
  4. eric_the_boneless

    eric_the_boneless Active Member

    I'm not sure the theoretical benefits are worth the effort. I live near the seaside, so proper air filtration is a must. Apart from that, my racer mechanic fella said they don't do much so don't waste your money. Oh, and welcome to the "club".
  5. barry.t100sr

    barry.t100sr Two-tents !

    A Tesco dishcloth is working very well with "Old Trophy" :cool:.
  6. Trumpet

    Trumpet Active Member

    I've read the fit of the K&N can be poor, allowing unfiltered Air in. Any filter that claims freer flow by definition must be allowing more particles through.

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